Family, Belief & Hard Work


32 years ago I was taught about the power of belief, family and hard work from a man who I will always call coach.

My high school wrestling coach, Dan Nolan.

He taught me that a team can be transformed from perennial non winners to County Champions in just four years, if they were willing to believe before it happened, work together as a family and work for a real long time, and to keep working and keep believing and keep being a family when it seemed like no strides were being made. 

Invaluable lessons for life.

Recently I sent Coach Nolan a copy of “6 Minutes Wrestling With Life” and “Again” and I let him know that he was the one who taught me to believe and to fight, and that I was so very thankful for what he taught me, that it has made a world of difference in my life.
In the mail today I received a hand written note from coach that read:
“John A, I want you to have this County Championship plaque, I have had it long enough. Do me a favor and put it in Jessies room so every time you enter, you BELIEVE more and more.”

Always be the first one to the center of the mat,

Coach Nolan

Q&A with John A. Passaro


On May 18th, 2014 I spoke to Mrs. Gallager’s 8th grade class at South Middle School in Brentwood.

I am always amazed at the in depth, profound, empathetic questions that kids always ask.

Here are some excerpts of the talk.



Everyone in this world is a genius at something.

Were you mad at the Doctors?

Why do you use quotes at the beginning of each chapter?

How is your daughter doing today?

Can you explain the scene at the Dunkin Donuts?

How did you get through this?

What did wrestling teach you?

Did wrestling help you?

What was with that Police Officer?

Do your son’s still wrestle?

Why did you know that you could trust Dr. Leon?

Can you tell me about “Your Friend”?

Has this changed you?

Can you talk about Thanks Given?

Fight or Flight

What Religion do you believe in?

The worlds greatest asset?

Brentwood Wrestling

Sports & Coaching


Empathy & Love


I had a very fulfilling 2 hours at South Middle School today.

I feel very honored to have been invited to speak with Mrs. Gallagher’s 8th grade class.

As always, there are so many parts of the time that I am there that are special, but today 2 stood out to me.

The first one came as the kids were coming into the class, just after the bell rang.

As each kid came by and introduced themselves, one young man, who was no more than 13/14 years old – shook my hand and looked me in the eye and asked me:
“How is your wife doing?”

I was amazed at his empathy.

It really touched me.

It never ceases to amaze me at the profound questions that I get asked by young men and woman when I open the time up to Q & A.

Today one of the questions led to the topic of how I was able to keep my faith while going through the adversity with my daughter.

One question led to another which led to a young man asking me “What religion do you believe in?”

As if he wanted to believe what I believed because it worked for me.

I told him that believed in the “religion of love.”

That all religions all believe in the same thing – love.
Which brings people together.

But too often today people look at and compare religions and find the differences between each one about what happened 2,014 years ago.
And that separates people.

I believe if everyone believed in love, no matter what religion they were, that they would come together as a race.

He smiled as if he just heard for the first time the answer that he needed.

Your Greatest Day Alive

Have you ever wondered “What will be the best day of my life?”

There will be one.

Will it be today?

Whatever day that will be in your life – will you know it at the time?

Will you recognize the signs?

Will your mood welcome that day and allow you to maximize every second of it.

Or will you be so apathetic and blasé about life and opportunity that you won’t your greatest day alive dancing and singing in front of you?

You have to trust and live life like your best day of your life has not yet been lived or experienced as of yet.

And I guarantee by living that way, that even if it has been lived already, that you will have many, many close seconds.

Same Destination, Different Path


Today I spoke to a 9th grade English class in Brentwood.

I loved it.

I can’t believe how fast :42 minutes goes.

Towards the end of my talk – I was taking Q&A and a quiet young girl raised her hand and asked me: “If you knew that this was going to happen to your daughter – what would you have done differently?”

At first I thought that she meant, would I have tried to stop it, change something in that day to knock it off course from happening – but then I realized that she meant “How would I have lived my life differently while my daughter was not sick?”

The answer to that question is EXACTLY like I am living it right now.

That question made me realize that I am so much a better human being now than I have ever been at any point in my life.

I guess that is a good thing.

I just wish I got here through a different path.

Just Listen, Trust and Act


When there is something deep inside of you tingling your soul and brewing every day, just listen and follow it without question, without hesitation, without planning, without delay, without getting permission from anyone.

Disregard logic, ignore the probabilities, mute the naysayers.

If there is something that makes you tingle of its thought, just listen to it, trust it, and act on it.

It is inside of you for a reason.

A reason that is so unique to you, your life and to your future happiness.

A reason so profound that it can not be comprehended in the present moment, but its vast magnificence will one day reveal itself to you in splendor at a future time.

At the right time.

A reason that will eventually connect all of the dots of your success’s and failures from your past to bring you into the moment of why it was originally put into your soul.

Just listen, trust and act.

So I did.

Illogically I founded, coached and traveled with a ten year old baseball team up and down the East Coast of the United States.

My tingling feeling was telling me to dedicate an insane amount of time, money and energy into teaching young athletes Life Lessons through sports.

It is said that you teach what you need to learn.

John A. Passaro
Chapter 1
Listen, Trust and Act

I coach for character


I am far more interested in how a young man responds to pressure or disappointment than I am in how far that he can hit a #baseball.

I Coach for #character


Auggie Garrido